The Artist

Nellie Sue creating a Jewel Weed paintingNellie Sue Potter lives in Ontario, Canada, where she is studying and painting the plants of the Oak Savannah habitat of the Great Lakes. She teaches Botanical Art at the Royal Ontario Museum.

She has an extensive background in studio art and holds a B.A. in Art History from the University of North Carolina. As a botanical artist for the North Carolina Botanical Garden (NCBG), Nellie Sue illustrated a trail guide for an area of North Carolina which had escaped glaciation and was unique in its biodiversity. She used a combination of resources to produce the illustrations, including fieldwork and herbarium specimens. She also participated in NCBG’s Plant Rescue Program for rare and endangered plants, gave tours of the different habitat areas at the garden and illustrated a guide to NCBG’s native fern collection.

Nellie Sue was awarded Third Place (2009) and two Honorable Mentions (2010) for her artwork in the First and Second Annual Juried Exhibitions of the Botanical Artists of Canada. She has served as Programs Director, Exhibition Director and President of that organization.

She is a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation and the American Society of Botanical Artists.

Artwork by Nellie Sue Potter